2019: Day In the Life of Daddy Dylan 2 of 365

Well today marked the last day of my Christmas Vacation. I thought my new client was going to start today, but they had family come into town and the grandparents took her for a couple of days.

So I got to slightly sleep in today. I spent the morning relaxing and watching the newest season of Wentworth. If you haven’t caught up, it’s pretty decent compared to the last season so far. I’m about half way in.

With my new found day of freedom, and my son, Colton home, I had purchased tickets to go see Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. I kept it a surprised until right before the morning. We had cuddles and got up for the day, had breakfast and headed to the mall.

We sent Sasha a video at work telling him of the surprise and he was a very happy boy. We grabbed our snacks, and 3D glasses, and headed into the theater.

Surprisingly, it got pretty full by the time the movie preview started, as children and teenagers still have the remainder of the week off.

SPOILER ALERT *************If you haven’t seen the movie, I’m not accountable for ruining it*****************

The movie was by far my new favorite of all time. It was easily the best Spider-Man movie as well.

Being so into Spider-Man, I’ve grown to know all the different stories, become attached to the characters, and feel like I’ve lived through those stories along side of them.

There is a seen of Peter Parker being killed by the Kingpin, which is a little different from how it takes place in the main comic series, but it pretty much happens and Miles takes over.

Anyway, the seen after, the city was in mourning after the daily bugle channel delivered the news of Spider-Man being Peter Parker, and being killed. Everyone in the city was looking at their phones, so crushed that their hero of 20 years was gone.

Mary-Jane went on to give a public speech. That hit home, I got sucked into the moment and looked down at my boy who had tears.

It’s insane how we can get so attached to a story and become emotionally invested. I think Stan Lee and everyone at Marvel Comics for providing that escape from reality, and able to send us into another one.

SPOILER OVER*******************************

After the movie, we went through the mall and a few stores. Always having to visit the Lego store and EB Games, we went into the Bay to look for a brand of boots for the Misses.

We had lunch and came home to relax. We cuddled up on the bed and played games and watched Fuller House, season 3. I like the series continuing from the one my generation grew up with. We spent the afternoon and better part of the evening doing this until Sasha came home.

She went shopping after work and picked me up a very nice surprise. A new Tea Cup from David’s Tea. It has a steeper that goes into the cup and a Mint Flavored tea to go with. Drinking as I write, its pretty powerful as I drink it black. It was a nice cherry on top of my day.

Tomorrow, work starts back up for me. I feel recharged from last year and ready to begin anew with a couple days off from school being out and getting full days in with the kids.

The new girl is really into science, so I am going to jump on Pinterest and see what kind of Home Based Science Experiments I can plan to do with them to ease her into the home and get all their interests peaked.

Until tomorrow,

Daddy Dylan


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