2019: Day In the Life of Daddy Dylan 1 of 365

So I’ve come to realize keeping up with this blog is more of the quiet moment type of situation when I am not five seasons deep into Grey’s Anatomy that my Fiancee got me into only a couple of weeks ago.

Another year has passed and this one has been more of an emotional roller coaster than I’ve experienced before. 

Some of the high-lights and high-lows of the year were: 

Ending an engagement to a very toxic relationship and moving on 

Going full tilt on my dream career of Daddy Day Home

My mother having a double heart attack over the summer

My daughter starting Junior High already 

Meeting who is now my amazing Fiancee 

Andddddddddd…I am now the adopted father of a Cat

I KNOW. Who would have thunk it. After all my years of protesting their existence on this planet. Me, in charge of keeping one alive and providing it with love and semi torment of trying to get him to play with me. 

The year wrapped up with a pretty solid foundation for what is to come. My children are doing well in school, and learning to add some serious chores to their daily lives this year. I was my youngest age doing my own laundry and dishes daily. They will work as a team to complete those and other tasks to help me around the house and instill more responsibility and encourage independence. 

My Fiancee, Sasha, and I have moved in, gotten engaged, and dived head first in love and life together and I couldn’t be happier to find my match in life. 

She compliments me where I fall short, and I hope I do the same with her. We have already planned many goals as a couple, and pushing each other with individual ones. 

I laugh, deep belly laughs with her, and it’s one of the biggest compliments I can give to someone in my life with the year I’ve had. I’ve said it to a few people now, but the best thing Sasha gives me is a simple calm in life. 

Every couple goes through their trials and tribulations, and we have our own, but it is nothing like I’ve had to face in the past. This has become more of a path to find common ground, compromise, and at the end of the day, choosing each other over anyone else. 

On my side of life, I’m trying to set more goals for the year. Even a daily one to write as much as I can about what I can. So maybe this will become more like Journal entries. I’ll do my best to keep you all entertain as much as I can. 

I have a new client in my Day Home starting up this week. I have had a few interested in my services as well as of late. My confidence is boosted just in time for a new year. 

Between that, raising our kids and planning a wedding in the next 18 months, I will be forever a busy Daddy and happy about it all. 

Until tomorrow, 

Daddy Dylan


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