Update – School Starts / Lego Room

A few months have passed since my split with J and the house has settled into a nice routine once again. With the fallout of my engagement, came of lot of self awareness and self value. I seem to learn some harsh lessons about myself when things end, and I feel in hindsight it is key to realize these lessons in order to not repeat them over and over.

I’ve always been a “wears his heart on his sleeve” type, but I’ve become more guarded when it comes to the kids now. I’m sure my dating adventures will somehow grace this page once again, but for now I’ll keep it low key.

I moved Cray into the bigger room that the two boys had since it was the biggest one. Colton stayed in his but moved half of the Lego out.

I ended up giving her my main gamer PC with double display. She comes home now daily and goes straight to it, completing any and all assignments since the schools are all big on the Google Drive system.

Here is a pic of her at her desk doing an assignment and playing tunes on her new phone. It blows my mind we gave into her having one, but she’s been very responsible so far with it.

With her old room now empty, we had decided as a family to dedicated to a Lego Room. I still don’t even have half of it in this room, but we got most of the built sets on display, and the construction side of it stays on the floor.

Most people would look at this picture and see chaos and want to clean it all up and put away neatly. I don’t. I see many incredible hours on the floor with my kids, recreating my lonely childhood, my imagination with theirs. The old with the new. I see a life of adventure and great ideas executed by my kids. When we don’t want to see it, we close the door. It will be our Lego Hideout for now, and most likely forever if we can keep it that way.

School has started in the last couple of weeks, where Cray has started into her Junior High years. It is blowing my mind as a parent how fast these kids are growing up on us parents that live for them. Shes already half way done her schooling years at home and it makes me full of anxiety that one day she may be off on her own.

As parents do, we worry constantly that we are providing enough for our children. Not the basics so much as food and shelter and occasionally the newest games or something, but the skills and confidence to let them out into the world on their own. We worry about giving them all that they may require to take on life without the help of us when they become adults. Its a mind bending reality I have yet to face and frankly am scared too.

Duckie has come into his own with schooling. His mother and I were almost tempted to pull him out of the Spanish Academy due to him not showing an interest the last couple years. He struggled with the reading and spelling quite a bit and it made it hard to follow a long a lot of the time.

His new teacher this year has proven to be a truly passionate teacher. He comes home excited now to be at school and we do our best to encourage it daily and the strides he is making.

We sat down, the three of us last night and are going to do some heavy research into creating our own family YouTube channel. We did the basics but looking like we need to get a better camera than we have currently for it. I’m learning all the technical sides to it with the computers and teaching them the basics. They are coming up with content ideas that other kids may like, without trying to be too trendy and blending in with the masses. I’m very excited to see where it may go.

It’s given them a project to work on and complete as a family but still having individual ideas.

Jack Frost has decided to coat Calgary in its cold weather. We’ve had our “Fall” Cup for soccer and playing early morning games. A lot of us parents got our ass kicked by the blistering wind yesterday, and even doubling up this morning didn’t really do us any favors as it was even more cold out.

One of the parents who is a welder brought his homemade travel wood stove. Lots of laughs were had by all who seen it, but we all ended up around it while cheering on our girls!

We actually have a week off until try outs for the winter indoor season. I’m so thankful to have some evenings back even if it’s only a week. Been so busy running around in the evenings that we barely have any alone time to just hang out and relax. Weekends included.

An update on myself is that I started going to a gym recently in the last couple months. Haven’t gone as much as I wanted to with school and soccer starting up, but I try my best late a night with a buddy and his wife when possible. I’m down 42 pounds from my highest weight and it’s nice that people are even noticing. It’s good for the ego and drive to keep it going! Hopefully some day I will post some progress pics but right now I’m not comfortable enough to do it.

Time to go get the house and the babies ready for the week ahead!

Daddy Dylan


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