Happy International Womens Day!

Today marks the recognition of women in our society, as they should be appreciated every day in my beliefs.

Normally posts like these would go on about famous women that have gone on to do something incredible in a post-“man’s world.” While I love to celebrate anyone’s success in the world, I think in this post, I would like to take it home. I’d like to write about the women that I know best, the ones that are heavily involved in my day-to-day life and who have made the biggest impact on myself, and my appreciation for them.

First off; the woman who brought my into this world. My mother. She has to be the most incredible woman I have ever known.

We share work in the same industry, and she is a vast brain of knowledge when it comes to it. Almost 40 years of being top of what she does will do that. Anyone that has the pleasure to work with her will tell you the same.

She has gone through struggles I wouldn’t want to wish on my worst enemy before I came into this world, and where most could break and find an excuse to spiral into a dark hole, she triumphed and had two wonderful sons and continues on a path of excellence in everything she does.

I was taught manners and responsibilities at a young age, having to do my own laundry by 9 and dishes after supper every night. I earned whatever toys I may have been given when passing by the toy isle in the store.

My mother embraced my sensitive side and let me show my emotions growing up, and I felt this helped me become who I am in a lot of ways. I’m sure many women of my past can agree being sensitive and caring was never lacking on my end.

I was taught how to respect women as well from her. Be grateful for everything women do and do my best to be an equal part to them in this world. Never depend on a woman to cook and clean for me. Find one that will play an equal role and appreciate each other effort to make things work.

My mother, well both my parents, sacrificed a lot of their younger years for me and my brother. Doing all they could to give us a good home. We never went hungry, we never were cold or in the dark. We may not have had a whole lot of extras compared to some of my friends, but we were taught through example of how to be a decent human being and appreciative for what we had and to make the best of it. I will forever be grateful for that gift the most, and do what I can to instill in into my children.

My daughter is naturally my next choice. With her, I learned patience. I never realised how impatient in life I was until I held her for the first time. Everything slowed down and I just admired her for all that she is. I still catch myself in this gaze with my kids.

The appreciation of bringing a life into this world and knowing she is half of me still astonishes me. I have the privilege and honor to help mold this young women into the world and let her do whatever she wants to in life. I get to watch her aspire to all the things she wants to be and do, and get to be the support system when she needs to make it work, as well as her rock if falls through.

I see beauty in a whole new perspective because of her. Her imagination and smile she brings simply making up a game with her brother. The drive and determination when she is running full tilt with the soccer ball down the field. The second language she has learned meanwhile holding top grades in her school.The beautiful soul she carries when she gets sad about things, showing how much a little human is capable of, and how much I need to nurture it in a proper manner so she can do her part to change the world for the better.

No matter how much I feel like I’m failing or not on top of the world, I look to her, and my son, and see that I must be doing something right in this life. It’s the drive that makes me do what I need to in this world, to make it better for them every day ahead.

The mother of my children. My ex wife. My friend. My partner forever linked to my through our children. I’m am grateful for the good times of the past, and the friendship of our future. She has been my other half always in raising our kids with love and compassion, no matter the path we chose to take separately from being married. She is a true example a strong woman.

I am super grateful for where and when I have grown up. I know there is still many issues to address and work on in our society, but I’m grateful to be alive and free in a place where they are making strides. We can always do more and should strive for that, but I am appreciative of the government and our Prime Minister doing what he has thus far. We have an equal Ministry as well as diverse.
I am proud to raise a daughter in these times. While the world is not perfect, and never will be, she can grow up in a society where change is showing and what needs to be done can be by everyone here and to teach our kids that they can push to make it better as well.

So cheers to all the ladies in our lives. I love you for all that you’ve done, all that you’re doing, and will promise as a part of this society to push so you can do all you need to in the future!

Happy International Women’s Day!

Daddy Dylan


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