A Wartime Romance

12 years ago I was unfortunate in losing my grandmother just at the peak of being a teenager. Someone who I idolized and cared for deeply. I had recently just lost my grandfather who equally stood out in my heart. Until now, I thought I had lost my copy of the newspaper article my amazing […]

Steps to dealing with a break up

Often times, break ups can happen out of no where. It leaves you with many questions and even more emotions. I had a close friend of mine, let me know her boyfriend of long-term, and much effort on her part, broke it off with her yesterday while checking in this morning. Randomly and out of […]

Happy International Womens Day!

Today marks the recognition of women in our society, as they should be appreciated every day in my beliefs. Normally posts like these would go on about famous women that have gone on to do something incredible in a post-“man’s world.” While I love to celebrate anyone’s success in the world, I think in this […]

Start to my Gym Journey

Ever her that funny but all so true quote,  I wish I was as fat as the first time I thought I was fat. I always laughed at how some must feel that way, but never myself, until recently.   I was going through old pictures of mine and seeing the way I used to […]

Happy Love Day Everyone!

I hope you all are having a wonderful day! Whether it was waking up to your love, your kids, your dog (screw cats), or even just yourself. The world gets bent out of shape about today and what it “represents”, depending on what side of the fence you view it from. Let it be a reminder, […]

Game Design Project

I recently got an amazing system upgrade with a new desktop and laptop. Both are professional grade gaming units. With all the downloads from Steam, I came across a tab called Design Software in the search menu, and was immediately introduced to a couple of programs. Anyone that really knows my gamer side, knows I […]

10 Facts about DaddyDylan

1. I have never been outside the country. Well, once for a couple hours to Maine as a small child to visit great grand parents, but I don’t really remember it. I have ambitions to travel but when my kids are grown and I can fully enjoy it without having to worry about them there, […]